Remember when students have to conduct paper-based exams as it created a lot of fuss and formalities for students as well as institutions. Now the time has come to adopt the online exam software that is convenient and beneficial for candidates and educational institute both. Some of the main issues for every institution are paper leak and malpractice that damage the education and exam system. It is a big responsibility for every university or education hub to maintain the security of the question paper, answer sheet, results etc. We have heard so many cases where question tampering is also found that becomes a tragic and disheartening new for every dedicated and hardworking student.

This is the biggest challenge for every institution to manage the security of a question that needs to be restricted from leakage. This is a time when there is an absolute need for inclusive exam management mechanism that is secure, efficient and fast responsive to student and university both. A tutorial is an eminent online exam software that has so many comprehensive features which aid every student benefits such as Easy and Fast Method Online exam platform provided by Easy2Learn is easy to use and understand.

Here student can easily enrol and access the software anywhere, all you need to have a fast speed internet. Secure data storage The answer sheets secured in this software and saved in an encrypted. It needs highly technical skills to handle therefore there is less chance to breach the data because the security and confidentially layered with high-level online protection. Immense study material and Question paper This enable the student to access unlimited study material and question paper that helps them to prepare for their exam peacefully. You do not have to wander in the market and don’t have to spend extra bucks to buy books because you will get all the stuff on this platform.

Cost-effective and Time-Saving Gone are the days when institutions have to carry heavy paper and logistics in a big storage room. But now with the help of Athena’s Online Examination Platform, no need to spending money on storage and invigilator don’t have to go from one place to another to inspect that everything is fine or not. This software is accessible anywhere, however, only authorised members and signatory can use this by Log on in the software. No fear of paper leakage Online exam platform is more secure than physical paper because there are many cases in past in which the exams are leaked and intelligent students had to suffer a lot. Moreover, this is the best way to prevent malpractice and copying in the exam. Basic Features Most vendors of student management software provide: Student information storage, including grades and attendance Faculty management Report generation Tool-assisted scheduling Access portals for students and parents Enrollment or registration management Medical and health management State compliance assistance A student portal is a commonly used phrase to describe the login page where students can provide a user name and password to gain access to an education organization`s programs and other learning-related materials.

For example, a learner who has enrolled in an online certification program may use a student portal to access online course materials, such as articles, lectures and videos, hosted on the school`s servers. Student portals may be used to provide information about the school, special events, course details, calendars, academic resources and contact information.

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